2017 Vendor Set Up Instructions, Booth Etiquette and Dress Code


Tucson Weddings & Wine Festival

Date:  June 10,2018

Time: 11 am – 3:30 pm

Location: Loews Ventana Canyon Resort   7000 N. Resort Drive, Tucson AZ

Emergency Contact:  Kristin   520-319-1807

  • Need Electric?  Electricity is purchased and set up through Loews Ventana Canyon Resort.  You should have received an email with the electric form.  If you did not receive this form, please contact Loews directly at  Kim.McFate@loewshotels.com
  • Need Food/Boxed Lunch?  Also purchased through Loews.  (same as above)

Ballroom Map and Vendor Placement

 Maps are NOT to scale!  Your final position may change.  Please check posted maps on the day of to verify.

Booth draping is BLACK.  Table coverings are ivory linens to the floor.  You may switch out your table coverings if you want to decorate with your own colors, however the table legs must remain covered.  If you have purchased a 4' round table rather than a booth, please remember you are not guaranteed a backdrop.  You may be out against a wall and you cannot put tape, push pins or anything else into the resort walls.  

Foyer vendors (You know who you are) must be set up by 10:15 for early arrivals

Ballroom Vendors must be set up by 10:45 at the latest.

8:30 am Load-In begins.  You must be completely set up by 10:45am.  If you have problems on the morning of, please call me directly at 520-319-1807.  There are load-in and load-out volunteers to help.  Please use them!   

Load-in Location  See Map   The Load-In location with ramp is near the ballroom entrance.  As you approach the resort, turn left.  The load-in area will be on your right and lead right into a bank of doors directly in front of the steps and ballroom.  

Parking: Vendors and exhibitors will be parking in the Trail Head Parking Lot, noted on the map.  See Map

Dress Code

Feel free to wear what you want during set up.  After 10:30, dress code is in effect.

Business attire is encouraged, however we do realize that there is a different dress acceptance for different businesses.  Just remember that it is always better to be over dressed than under-dressed.

No Jeans

No Tennis Shoes (or if you must for health/back reasons, black tennis shoes only)

Name tags are not provided so please bring one

Timeline for booth set up

8:30 am:  Load-In begins

You must be completely set up by 10:45am

There will be volunteers for load in.  Please use them!

If you need an earlier arrival time than 8:00 am, please contact me no later than June 20th.

Exhibitor Guidelines

1.    Only the name, brand, products and/or services provided by the Exhibitor reflected may be displayed in the Booth Location occupied by said Exhibitor. Likewise, Exhibitors are not permitted to hand out pamphlets or other promotional material and/or items for any other event related business and/or service except for those owned by the Exhibitor.

2.    Except for restroom breaks and similar personal matters, Exhibitors are required to man their Booth Space at all times during the Tucson Wedding and Wine Festival. 

3.    All displays must be free standing and contained within the Booth Space reserved by the Exhibitor. For those Exhibitors whose locations adjoin a fixed wall, the use of tape, bolts, screws, nails or push pins to secure display items to the wall are strictly prohibited.  Side rails are 3ft tall for booth spaces. You cannot block your neighbor.  If you are in a booth (as opposed to a table) any side signage or displays cannot exceed 3’ tall so that is does not block your neighbor and 8’ wide so it does not exceed the depth of the booth. Back banners and signage cannot exceed 8’ in height.

4.    The Exhibitor is advised that the hours for the Wedding & Wine Festival are 11:00 AM-  3:30 PM and that early breakdowns are not permitted.

5.    Exhibitors are not permitted to pass out brochures, business cards or any other form of promotional material outside of assigned Booth Space.  You cannot stand in the middle of the isle with a clipboard and make appointments.  Think of creative ways to draw people in to your booth instead.

6.    Exhibitors are encouraged to be courteous and respectful of other exhibitors and are not permitted for any reason to inhibit free and unencumbered access to any other exhibitor.

7.     Early Breakdowns Prohibited

The Drawings will be at 12:30 & 3:00.  This means that, unlike most trade shows, there will be another wave of people coming later in the afternoon. Do not break down your booth until 3:30 pm.



Timeline for the Day

8:30 am     Load-In begins

10:45 am   You must be completely set up

11:00 am   Doors open

12:30 Drawing in Grand Ballroom

1:00 Fashion Show in Catalina Ballroom

3:00 pm   Final Drawings Grand Ballroom

3:30 pm   Breakdown