This is a fantastic article written about choosing photos, specifically with the human face, for advertising.  We're in a people business.  Using people for advertising is a plus.  But if you're not up to snuff on the psychology of the human face, the images you choose can actually hurt your advertising campaign.

"6 Steps to Wedding Show Success" (below in color) is an article written by Alan Berg, a long time veteran of advertising in the wedding industry.  All 6 of Alan Berg's steps should be religiously followed however, there is one key ingredient that Mr. Berg has been left out.  

Step ONE Is This:

Brand your booth, your website, your business pamphlets and flyers to ONE theme so that brides/customers do not get confused as to who they saw at the trade show while they are doing their on-line research.  They have to recognize your website as a booth they visited at the trade show.  If you do not do this important step, more than likely when a bride does her on-line research, she will get confused and think she met someone else at the fair.  You should most definitely have a prominent logo displayed on everything and everywhere. The first image of your website should match your backdrop at the trade show as well as any business cards or printed materials.  

More Tips:

  • Trade leads with every vendor at the show.  (You will also get the attendee list).
  • Make your booth an interactive display.  Turn your booth into a newlywed game.  Consider hands-on activities, food, audio/visual programs.
  • Personalize the experience with a personal invitation via Email.  Direct mail is often out of our budgets, but a personal email invitation works.
  • Use social media to get the word out on any show promotions you are offering.
  • Set up appointments for your clients or potential clients/leads to come to the show at specific times to meet you.  Use contacts from years past or potential/current leads that are on the fence. 
  • Offer a show special or price break for potential customers to meet you at the show.
  • Offer an incentive for potential leads you've met at the show to make an appointment with you after the show.  Give them a bonus if they keep their appointment.
  • FOLLOW UP AFTER the show.  Remember in our industry, your ability to build a relationship is often the key ingredient to getting the sale.
  • Don't just promote your business.  Promote the wedding industry.
  • Promote the event like it is your own, because it is!
  • Dress professionally.  NO Jeans or tennis shoes.